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Fat loss & transformation specialist with over 15-years' experience training with fitness professionals around the world. Book your free consultation today to start your journey.

About me:

I'll help you achieve your health and fitness goals at your own pace around your current lifestyle. I have over 15-years' training and dieting experience. I’ve trained with some of the best professional athletes and fitness professionals around the world and have a vast amount of knowledge that has helped me achieve my own personal fitness goals, as well as others. I take enjoyment out of helping others train and helping them become the best version of themselves. Your fitness goal becomes my fitness goal, and we will achieve them together.

My services are also available online. Ask for more details in your consultation.
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Start your journey...

Personal Trainer based in King's Chelsea

Each session will last up to 60 minutes


Available face-to-face or online

1x Session 

After initial free session

10x Sessions Pack

10% off first pack using code KC10

6-Week Lean with Sween Body Transformation

Also available online. Ask for more details in your consultation

What happens next?

Getting started:

We’ll start with a quick consultation which will help me understand your goals. This could be muscle gain, weight loss or maybe you’d like to get in better shape for a holiday or special event. I’ll help you set achievable goals in a realistic timeframe and then we’ll get to work in the gym. I like to keep the sessions with high-energy, fun and I promise over time you’ll learn to love them. Especially when we start seeing results.

Personal training:

Once we’re in the gym I’ll help you with proper form and technique to execute the exercises we’ve set in the plan. I’ll also be there to push you so we’re getting most out of each session. I’ll ensure you stay motivated on those days you feel a little tired and over time we’ll reach our goals. You can also let me know if you have any injuries and we can work around them safely.

Each personal training session will last between 45-60mins depending on your fitness goals and training experience. Over time, I’ll be on hand to support you reach your goals with regular consultations and we’ll adjust your plan intensity and duration depending on your progress. You’ll also receive guidance on diet, recovery and what to do outside the gym.

Personal training in other locations:

I live on the King's Road in Chelsea, and the services mentioned would take place in your resident's gym. If you would like my personal training services in a specific location then I am happy to travel within SW London after 4pm so long as the client can provide me access to a gym with reasonable resistance training and cardio-based equipment (i.e., dumbbell weights, treadmill).

Start your 6-week transformation...

Progress happens when training gets personal. With this pack you'll receive a customised training and diet plan tailored to your fitness goals, along with 12x personal training sessions and regular 1:1 consultation check-ins throughout the plan.

The 6-week transformation pack is now also available online. Enquire for more details.
  • 12x personal training sessions
  • 6-week training & diet plan
  • Regular 1:1 consultations


Client reviews
"I have just started training with Chris after a long lay off. He has been clear, communicative and very responsive to my requirements and I would highly recommend"
Dan I.
PT Client
"Chris helped me transform my physique. I always struggled to put on weight but found it much easier following Chris' advice. The training was hard, but the results speak for themselves. I would highly recommend"
Richard M.
PT Client
"I was nervous training on my own in the gym and didn't really know what to do! With Chris I started to enjoy my training and we always have a good laugh! He's strict, clear with instructions and I'd recommend him to anyone looking for a personal trainer"
Georgia B.
PT Client
"Training with Chris was an absolute great experience! He's very professional and always on time. He's also very attentive, friendly and enthusiastic. I had an injury in both my wrists and I couldn't use my hands but he was very supportive to my situation and managed to work around it and make me an amazing workout despite my injury. Thank you Chris!"
Reem O.
PT Client
"Training with Chris has been great! He really listens to what the client wants to achieve/work towards and makes the workouts fun every time. He's great at explaining how to do an exercise correctly and ensures you have the correct form and maximum effect."
Emily D.
PT Client
"When I met Chris 1 month ago, I was very apprehensive about embarking on a fitness quest but Chris has made this journey truly enjoyable and if not painless incredibly effective! Chris is extremely attentive and has created a program that fits my needs and abilities whilst still pushing me to achieve the goals we set. I could not recommend Chris more to anyone who needs a personalised touch to guide them through. He is extremely fun and enthusiastic - he makes legs day a treat!"
Mathilde R.
PT Client
"Chris is a very experienced and professional trainer. He takes the time to figure out your weaknesses and encourages you to build on those in each sessions. The other thing that sets him apart from other trainers is that he continually corrects your form, encourages warming up pre-workout and stretching post workout to prevent injury."
Julia B.
PT Client
"I’ve been training with Chris for about 6 weeks now, and believe he is one of the most experienced & committed trainers around. I really enjoyed my sessions & challenge he put into them. Always ensuring I have good form during an exercise but also listening to me when I tell him I’m struggling with a particular movement. Even though Chris has been my PT for a short time, my fitness has increased noticeably and I’ve seen improvements in my ability to complete more push ups, core exercises, lift progressively heavier weights & generally push myself harder throughout each session. I find I actually look forward to my workouts. Cheers Chris."
Danah M.
PT Client

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