Kings Chelsea PSP

Collect your parcels 24/7 from Parcel SafePlace

Never Miss Another Delivery

To provide the ultimate convenience for you here at Kings Chelsea we are introducing a 24/7 Parcel Room for items that don't fit into your mailbox. As soon as a parcel is delivered you will be sent an SMS and email. Collect when you want, hassle free, 24/7. 

Parcel SafePlace

Collect your parcels 24/7 from our automated Parcel Room

How It Works

Order Online

When shopping online add to delivery notes that you parcel should be delivered to the Parcel SafePlace Room

Parcel Delivery

Your parcel is delivered to the Parcel SafePlace Room by the courier driver, and you are notified by the App as soon as a parcel is delivered for you

Collect Your Parcel

Collect your parcel anytime using your unique access code that is sent to you with the image of your parcel


When will the new Parcel Room be available?
The new 24/7 room is expected to be available from 28th January 2019. 

How do I access the Parcel Room?
Simply request access by placing your request above and you will be added to our systems so that delivery companies can select your name when delivering your parcels. Please ensure we have the correct email and mobile number for you to ensure all notifications are received.

Do I need to inform the delivery company to deliver to the Parcel SafePlace Room?
We advise that where possible when placing orders you state that your delivery should be made to the Parcel SafePlace Room as this is a "Safeplace" for your parcel to be left. Many online websites provide a comments box when completing your order so where possible please reference this.

How do I collect my parcel?
You will be notified as soon as a parcel is delivered for you. Your notification will include a secure one time access code to our secure monitored Parcel SafePlace Room. You will be asked to confirm your identity when collecting your parcel for security reasons.