12. Estate Regulations Extracted from The Standard Apartment Lease

Estate rules and regulations

Below is an extract from the lease to appraise residents on a selection of the Estate rules and regulations 

1. Not to use the Premises except as a private residential apartment in the occupation of one family unit only 

2. Not to use the Premises, for any noisy offensive dangerous illegal or immoral purpose nor for gambling or betting 

3. Not to hold on the Premises any political meeting or public show or spectacle nor any sale by auction 

4. Not to do anything on the Premises which may be or become a nuisance damage annoyance or disturbance to the Landlord or any Owner or occupier of other property 

5. Not to keep any petrol or other flammable substances in or about the Premises (save in the tank of a motor vehicle) 

6. Not to overload the Premises nor damage overload or obstruct any Service Media or the Building 

7. Not to deposit or burn any rubbish or refuse on any part of the Premises or the Common Parts or the Communal Facilities and to ensure that rubbish or refuse receptacles on the Premises are regularly emptied 

8. Not to permit any substance which is or might become of a dangerous hazardous or contaminative nature or which might in any way adversely affect or damage the Building any Service Media other land or water or the environment or cause harm to human health to be in on or under or to escape from the Premises and if the Tenant becomes aware of any such substance in on under or escaping from the Premises to give immediate written notice thereof to the Manager and to remove or remediate it in compliance with the requirements of the Landlord the Manager or any competent authority 

9. Not to play or use any musical instrument television radio loudspeaker or mechanical or other noise making instrument of any kind nor to practise any singing in the Premises at any time so as to be audible outside the Premises 

10. Not to use in the Premises any electrical device without an effective suppressor fitted thereto 

11. Not to hang or expose so as to be visible from outside the Premises any clothes or washing or other articles of any description 

12. Not to exhibit any form of fixture or fitting including ironmongery or sign picture light advertising or notification material including a sale or marketing board which is visible from outside the Premises 

13. Not to keep any pets or any bird fish or other animal in the Premises without the prior written consent of the Manager 

14. Not to leave or park on or so as to cause any obstruction to any roads parking spaces or passageways forming part of the Estate any motor vehicle motor cycle electric carriage bicycle perambulator or other vehicle and to observe all regulations made by the Landlord or the Manager from time to time relating to the parking of vehicles (and the Tenant acknowledges the right of the Manager to apply wheel clamps to vehicles parked in contravention of such regulations and to charge a fee for removal) 

15. Not to park or accommodate any commercial vehicle caravan or boat on any parking space or any other part of the Estate nor permit any vehicle on the Estate to leak any form of lubricant fuel or other liquid

16. Not to carry out upon any part of the Estate any repairs to any motor vehicle (except in case of an emergency) or servicing of any vehicle or cleaning of any vehicle other than in the designated areas 

17. Not to permit any invitees friends servants or employees of the Tenant or their children to play upon any hall staircases landings or passageways in or about the Common Parts or the Car Park or the Communal Facilities 

18. To keep any balconies or patios (if any) clean and unobstructed and not to make any additions or alterations thereto or store or place any goods or materials thereon 

19. To keep any roof terrace clean and unobstructed and not to make any additions or alterations thereto or store or place any goods or materials thereon other than garden furniture or a barbecue or other exterior cooking facility of a type previously approved in writing by the Manager 

20. At all times when not in use to keep shut the entrance door to the Premises and the Building and between the hours 11.00 p.m. and 8.00 a.m. not to make any avoidable noise in any part of the Common Parts 

21. Not to use the hall staircase landings and passageways in and about the Building or of any other of the Common parts otherwise than in accordance with the proper exercise of the rights herein granted 

22. To comply with all requirements and recommendations from time to time of any competent authority in relation to fire precautions and means of escape affecting the Premises and to keep smoke detection apparatus in the Premises properly maintained and activated and not to obstruct any means of escape from the Premises 

23. To keep the Premises clean and tidy and to clean the inside and outside of the windows at least once every three months 

24. Not at any time to interfere with the external decorations or painting of the Building and not to erect or install on any part of the Building any aerial dish or other apparatus for the receipt or transmission of broadcast signals other than any erected in the Premises in accordance with and approved under the provisions of paragraph 8.2 of Schedule 2 or any form of trellising or other provision for the training of plants on the exterior of the Building 

25. To pay the cost of making good any damage at any time caused by the Tenant or his servants agents licensees or visitors to any part of the Building or to the person or property of the owner or occupier of any other land by the carrying in or removal of furniture or other goods to or from the Premises or otherwise howsoever 

26. Not to use the lifts in the Building for the removal or delivery of furniture or other large items without obtaining written consent in advance from the Manager and the Manager shall then provide the appropriate protection to the lift designated for such deliveries in each Building and shall allocate a reasonable time period for such use to the Tenant 

27. If the Premises are to be left unoccupied for any continuous period of more than twenty one days to turn off the mains water supply to the Premises 

28. If the Premises are to be left unoccupied for any continuous period of more than two calendar months to notify the Manager in writing of the name and address of a suitable local and responsible person who shall be responsible for the observance and performance on behalf of the Tenant of the Tenants obligations in this Lease 

29. To observe and perform all regulations made by the Landlord or the Manager relating to the Common Parts and the Communal Facilities 

30. At all times to observe and perform all such variations or modifications of the foregoing regulations and all such further or other regulations as the Manager may from time to time in its reasonable discretion think fit to make for the management care and cleanliness of the Building and the Estate and the comfort safety and convenience of all the Owners