Keeping safe where you live

Your property operates a ‘Stay Put’ evacuation strategy.
What this means:
 A ‘Stay Put’ evacuation strategy means you can remain in your property when there is a fire in another area of your building. This is because your apartment is designed with barriers such as compartmentation, fire walls and fire doors to prevent the fire from spreading across your development. 
Unless the fire started in your apartment, it should remain unaffected for at least 60 minutes. During this time, the Fire and Rescue Service should be able to prevent further spread or help you safely out of the building should it be required.
Do I have to ‘Stay Put’?  
If you don’t feel safe and wish to leave your property, no one can prevent you from doing this. But you must be aware that a fire in another part of the building may affect your normal escape route. The Fire and Rescue Service will require clear access to the fire as quickly as possible and additional people leaving the building may slow their response.
Who do I report a fire to?  
  • You MUST dial 999 immediately.
  • Please advise Kings Chelsea main reception as soon as you are made aware of a fire in the building (DO NOT do this before calling 999). You can call us on 02073525752. 
  • Advise your insurance company after the fire has occurred if it has affected your property. 

 What do I need to do?   
If you are not in an area directly affected by fire, you should remain in your apartment, close doors and windows and await further instructions from the emergency services.
What to do if there is a fire in YOUR property
  •  DO NOT stay to fight the fire. 
  •  If there are others in the property alert them and make your  way out of the building 
  • If it is safe to do so, close windows and internal doors, switch off your cooker or oven if it is on. 
  • Always close the front door of your property behind you, leaving it unlocked where possible. 
  • Call the Fire and Rescue Service by dialling 999 and providing your full address and apartment number. 
  • Wait outside, in your assigned assembly point that for Blore, Benham, Lucas, Bailey and Bredin Houses is by the gate leading to Fulham; and for Francis, Mathison (except 54 and 55 Mathison houses only that operate Simultaneous Evacuation’ strategy), and Clark Houses in the assembly point that is by the main entrance leading to Kings Road, until instructed to return by the Fire and Rescue Service.
  • Do not put yourself at risk or cause unnecessary delay.

What to do if you see or hear of a fire in Another part of your development 
  • Call the fire service by dialling 999
  • The building is designed to contain a fire in the apartment where it starts. This means it will typically be safe for you to stay in your own apartment if the fire is elsewhere in the building.  
  • You must leave IMMEDIATELY if smoke or heat affects your home or if you are told to do so by the fire service. 
  • If you are in any doubt, get out. 

If you are NOT in your property and become aware of a fire within another part of the building
  • Dial 999 immediately while making your way to safety using your nearest escape route. 
  • DO NOT use a lift. 
  • DO NOT stop to collect belongings or return to your property. 
  • DO NOT enter the building until the emergency services advise it is safe to do so.