In order to maintain the highest of standards within all our buildings, please read these simple instructions in order to minimise any damage that may arise when moving in/out via the common parts. All removal companies operating with a hoist must provide K C Estate Management a copy of their public liability insurance (minimum cover £5,000,000). In addition we would require a risk assessment & method statement prior to any work being undertaken. If any damage has been caused as a result of utilising the common parts/exterior building then the undersigned / company representative will be held liable for any costs associated with the relevant repairs. When carrying out removal or delivery operations the following procedures must be adhered to: 1)    Report to the main reception in Mathison House to sign in and receive passes to area of work (if applicable)2)    Make sure vehicles are parked in a manner that they not obstruct residents and emergency vehicle access.3)    Proceed to area of work.4)    Prior to carrying out any work which involves utilising the common parts or exterior of the building, we need to carry out schedule of condition inspection of the common parts (internal/external) with the principal contractor. The objective of the schedule of condition is to determine and document the condition of the common parts or exterior building so that any damage caused is easily identifiable. At the end of the work another schedule of condition survey will be completed with the appropriate contractor to identify any damage that may have been caused.5)    Caution board to be placed at ground level prior to commencement of delivery/removals.6)    Do not wedge open doors with pieces of wood or screwdrivers as this will cause damage to the marble.7)    Main external steps to be protected against nosing being damaged e.g. by bumping sack barrows etc. down the steps.8)    Ensure protective covering is placed over entrance marble flooring.9)    Ensure that protective curtains are fitted to interior of lifts.10) Ensure protective foam is placed around stairwell banisters.11) Take care to avoid damage to all decorations to stairwells, lift lobbies and reception areas at all times.12) Any damaged caused must be reported to the main reception or the Estate Manager13) On completion of task please contact the Estate Coordinator either by reporting to the management office or contacting the main reception on 0207 3525752.