Cladding Updates

We welcome you to the new Kings Chelsea cladding portal, which will help ensure that the information being provided to residents is as up to date as possible on the Building Safety Fund application, for the cladding replacement. 

Following the tragic events at Grenfell Tower, fire and building safety has become one of the most pressing issues facing leaseholders and the residential property sector. Investigations carried out following the tragedy have revealed numerous buildings have been constructed, using Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) and other unsafe cladding. As a result, hundreds of buildings have been categorised as being unsafe. It’s inevitable that many more will fall into the same category as safety assessments continue. .

Resident Information Pre Cladding Works

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Cladding Works Updates

Please note replacement cladding works has not yet commenced. Details will follow in due course.

Frequently Asked Questions

How was cladding discovered at Kings Chelsea?

What is ACM?

Is the replacement of ACM necessary?

How is this to be funded?

Are there any buildings at Kings Chelsea which fall below 18 metres in height?

How are the buildings that fall below 18 metres in height to be funded?

Are there works that may not be covered by the Building Safety Fund?

If funding is granted and does not cover the full cost of the remediation works required, how will the deficit be paid for?

What is the latest news on the Kings Chelsea funding application?

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