Current projects underway..

Forthcoming Projects at Kings Chelsea
  • Car park electric charging
  • Building of new Management Office

Car park electric charging January 2023 (update)

March 2023 update Contracts are being finalised for the work to proceed in fitting charging infrastructure throughout our underground car park; this will allow residents to connect to their own charging facility. Pod Point have been awarded the contract, and once dates have been agreed then we shall inform all residents through the electric car charging app. 
January 2023 update  The statutory section 20 consultation for car charging in the car park has now been completed with all leaseholders/freeholders; the tendering exercise for the project has also been completed. 
The Estate has also secured the additional electricity loading that is required to provide charging facilities to all 320 parking bays.
Due to the complexities of the project K.C. Estate Management is now considering all proposals and options for moving the project forward and when a decision has been made, then all leaseholders and freeholders will be informed.

Car park electric charging (background)

The proposed works to be carried out will be the installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure to all 320 parking bays within the underground car park. This infrastructure will consist of a centralised Load Management System, along with what can be described as ring-main cabling to all bays in the car park. This allows for a simplified and consistent installation of individual Electric Vehicle Charging Points into the parking bays, as and when required by individual residents.
The works also consist of a new Wi-Fi network to be installed within the car park. This is required for the Pay As You Go functionality that the EV Charging Units will utilise, so that costs for energy consumed through the units is paid for by the resident that is connected to the system.
January 2022 update  Due to the complexities of the project, Kings Chelsea instructed Building Design Consultants who undertook an electrical energy review and feasibility report on the proposed charger installation project. They were required to inspect the car park to ensure there was sufficient space for the new cabling and to look at the condition of the existing switchboards that are planned to be used. Kings Chelsea provided a letter of authority to speak to UK Power Networks (UKPN) on its behalf, with a view to making an application for the power upgrades that are necessary for this project.
Our Building Design Consultants have reviewed the proposals in more detail, and when budget costs has been provided by UKPN we will know the scope of works needed to provide a tender package for the scheme for Section 20 purposes. Following UKPN site visit and confirmation of how the additional power will be provided, our consultants will then be able to specify a tender package.
April 2022 update The additional kVA required for all the proposed charging infrastructure to be installed at Kings Chelsea is c828 kVA. 

UK Power Networks visited Kings Chelsea on 17 March to undertake an inspection of the current electrical infrastructure and we are currently waiting for UKPN to confirm that there is sufficient capacity in the High Voltage network for this project. It was confirmed by UKPN that Kings Chelsea should not need a new substation.

Building of new Management Office (update January 2023)

The statutory section 20 consultation for the building of a new Management office and security kiosk near the main entrance, has now been completed. 
The project has been successfully tendered. Contracts are now being reviewed/formalised and dates for the works to commence will be announced shortly.

Building of new Management Office (background)

Kings Chelsea created an additional 35 storage cages from the previous management office and staff room which were sold to leaseholders within Kings Chelsea; the funds generated from the sale of the storage cages will fund the creation of a new Management Office located opposite Francis House adjacent to the railway line, and a security receptible near the main entrance.
April updateApprovals for planning permission has been granted for both projects along with consent from Network Rail to build within 10 meters of the Railway line. Build over contracts has now been completed with Thames Water (as building over Thames Water infrastructure). Architects and the Design Team are currently preparing the Technical Design for the buildings.
Kings Chelsea is hoping to tender the projects commencing early May with a view to commencing building works June 2022.