Swimming Pool Closure

COVID-19 - Closure of Pool / Sauna / Steam Rooms

Dear Residents,

Over the last 48 hours, there appears to be an elevation on the restrictions of general movement and guidance on self-isolation due to the unique way in which COVID-19 is able to spread amongst the population with varied symptoms experienced from case-to-case.

We would like to reassure residents that Kings Chelsea will continue enhancing safety precautions where we possibly can, and therefore following recent guidance we will be closing the Pool, Steam and Sauna rooms from 10.30pm Tuesday 24th March.

The main sources of contamination from COVID-19 would be the areas around these facilities such as poolside, changing rooms, door handles and surfaces within the leisure facility. Potentially, the virus could be temporarily airborne in the event of sneezing or coughing within these closed environments.

Whilst writing I would like to take the opportunity of thanking those residents who responded to our call for volunteers in helping other residents that may be self-isolating; we had a fantastic number of volunteers come forward which demonstrates the community spirit that is alive and well in Kings Chelsea. Thank you. 

Finally, we would like to say that we hope everyone stays well during this unknown stage of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Warm regards,
Mark Perkins General Manager K.C. Estate Management Ltd
24th March 2020