Parcel Room

Our Convenient Safe Parcel Room

The number of parcels delivered to our Estate has gradually increased so Management together with the Board of Directors have looked for a tool that can help to manage this efficiently.

“Parcel Safe Place” has been successfully installed. The system enables residents to collect their parcels 24 hours 7 days a week.

Residents will be interested in the following:

·      In April the number was 1861.
·      In May the number of parcels delivered and collected was 2095.
·      On average a circa of 81 parcels a day are delivered to the room. 
·      The number is expected to double around Christmas
·      Most of the collections are made after 4pm right up to midnight. 

Looking at this data, with the new system “Parcel Safe Place” we have saved working hours for our concierge and work for our security teams when parcels were collected outside concierge’s working hours.

We would like to thank Felix for his great input during the transition period, guiding and helping installers, residents and delivery companies to learn the new system.

Felix will be relocated to the main reception desk as from the 1st of July 2019 where he will continue to oversee the parcel safe room as well as other responsibilities.