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Allow me to present myself; my name is Luis, and I've been a swimming instructor since 2009 having accumulated great experience teaching all age groups, from babies to adults. I’ve worked for the five biggest swimming schools in London.
I have always loved sports, especially water sports. When I was a child, I suffered from severe asthma attacks so a doctor recommended swimming lessons and quickly, I fell in love with being in the water. After two years of lessons, my asthma attacks started fading away, and by the age of 9, I was already in the swimming team. I successfully competed until I was in my 20s.
I am highly passionate about swimming and teaching, because I know from personal experience what a massive difference swimming can make in a child's life and how beneficial it can be for their health, confidence, and well-being. This encouraged me to start up Young Fins Swimming, which offers home-visit private lessons all over London and surrounding areas.  
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We all understand the importance of teaching the little ones how to swim at a young age. Teaching children respect for the water is a very important part of water safety education. They start to learn respect for the water as they progress through the learning process and begin to understand their capabilities and limitations in the pool. Children need lots of exploratory play under strict supervision from the parent, as well as formal learning to develop their motor coordination, muscle memory, and the necessary skills that later will become swimming strokes.
I believe good teaching means being able to read, map, and understand the needs and fears of every individual and having a clear understanding that everyone has their unique personality, this is key for quick progress and success.
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  • You, your child, or your baby learns in the safest environment – Your home, your pool – No traveling across London.
  • Flexibility – You and your family decide when the lessons are taking place.
  • Teaching on a mainly one-to-one basis to maximize progression.
  • All the insurances are provided, DBS checks and, qualifications for swimming lessons tuition.
  • Every parent would be able to view the progression of their child online, Young Fins Swimming follows the Swim England Programme for teaching swimming.
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