8. Common Areas

Common Areas

Cleaning of Common Parts

Common Parts Areas 
Corridors, lifts and staircases and underground car park are cleaned daily_Mon-Fri. If any resident is dissatisfied with the standard of cleaning, they are requested to contact the Estate Manager. Please do not leave any items in the corridor at any time; any items found will be removed.
External Windows 
The external windows to any common parts will be cleaned monthly by window cleaners working with mechanical systems and ladders.

Refuse Disposal

Household Refuse 
All refuse should be put in black bags and placed in the containers situated in the refuse rooms which are located at basement level under each house. Bags shall not be left anywhere outside the containers provided, in order to deter vermin. Bags should not be placed outside the apartment in the corridors at any time. 
Bulk Refuse 
Should any resident wish to dispose of large items of refuse, such as domestic appliances, furniture, etc., they are requested to contact the council’s Disposal Department on 020 7361 3001. Fridges, electrical items, furniture etc. should not be left in the refuse rooms at any time. 
Currently the estate refuse rooms only provide paper/card-board recycling facilities. 


Private Gardens 
Residents and their visitors are requested to respect the privacy of other residents whilst enjoying the gardens and to observe the general regulations relating to nuisance/noise. Residents are requested not to exercise dogs in the landscaped gardens other than in the designated areas and to dispose of any litter. Young children must be supervised at all times, in particular in the areas surrounding the pond. 
Part of the Estate gardens is open to the public during daylight hours. Residents and the Public alike will be required to observe the regulations relating to these gardens which are signposted at each entrance. The Gardens are secured each evening at dusk and reopened at daybreak by the Estate Security Officers. 
Tennis Court 
Within the Gardens a tennis court has been provided for the use of residents of the Estate. The keys for the tennis court are available from reception upon prior booking. Bookings can be arranged by contacting the reception.
Dog Exercise Area 
The Estate has been equipped with a dog exercise area for use by animals belonging to residents and is located to the west of the Estate between the railway line and Coleridge Gardens. Residents are requested not to leave dogs unsupervised in this area and to ensure that any waste is effectively disposed of.
Residents should appreciate that the building is the home of other residents apart from themselves and are requested to observe the regulations listed in section 2.17 of the Estate Regulations extract at the end of this document. Should any resident wish to complain about the activities of another resident they are requested to inform the Management Office.