11. Leisure Suite (Terms and Conditions of Use)

Leisure Suite

(Term and Conditions of Use)

By using the Leisure Suite and its equipment all residents and guests acknowledge that they do so at their own risk. KC Estate Management Limited terms and conditions exist to facilitate the smooth running of the leisure facility in accordance with Health and Safety requirements and effective security. This helps to provide a safe and pleasant environment within the facility for all residents to enjoy. The Leisure Suite and its equipment are checked throughout the day on an hourly basis. Check the equipment before you use it. If there is a problem with weights or pulleys etc. do not attempt to free them yourself as weights or parts may fall unexpectedly; please report any issue to the management office. Please report any accidents, breakages or out of commission equipment to the management office. 
1. You may not use the gymnasium/sauna/steam room or swimming pool whilst under the influence of alcohol, anticoagulants, antihistamines, beta-blockers, narcotics, or tranquillisers. If you have high or low blood pressure, heart disease and/or diabetes you should consult your Doctor prior to using the fitness centre. All users of the gym facility must be medically fit to exercise and have consulted their GP where_appropriate. 

2. Users of the Sauna must not cover the heater with towels/clothing or leave combustible items on top of the heater. Panic alarms are fitted in both the sauna and steam room should an emergency arise. 

3. Guests must be accompanied by a resident, maximum of two guests per apartment at any one time. All visiting guests must be signed in at the Service desk adjacent to the gym and be accompanied by a resident_at_all_times. 

4. Be courteous to other gym users: limit workout to 30 minutes on any 1 piece_of_equipment_if_people_are_waiting. 


6. No shouting, swearing, foul language or contact sports such as boxing to be carried out in the fitness centre. 

7. Please wipe all equipment after use with the wet wipes provided. 

8. Correct footwear and appropriate clothing should be worn at all times. Gym users must not work out in the gym unless you are wearing the appropriate fitness training clothes i.e. t-shirt/vest /sweatshirt /tracksuit /trousers /shorts; and appropriate clean trainers and/or plimsolls, this includes when working out on the cardiovascular, stretching,_and_weight_equipment. 

9. Children under the age of 16 should not be in the/ gym /sauna/steam room and must be accompanied in the swimming pool at all times by an_appropriate_adult. 

10. If exercising with a trainer, residents should ask the trainer to supply them with a copy of their insurance certificate which should be left with the_estate_manager. 

11. If you are unsure of how to use any equipment, do not use it unless you have been given instruction by someone qualified to do so. Contact_estate_manager_for_personal_trainers. 

12. No food drinks or gum permitted in the gym. Please use the water fountain available or use a sealed container where it will not spill onto electrical_equipment_within_the_gym. 

13. Bags, coats or unused equipment must be deposited in the changing room lockers and not left on the floor of the gym. 

14. Please return all equipment back to its place of storage after it has been used i.e. dumbbells, benches& mats etc. Any equipment is not to be_moved_and_rearranged_within_the_gym. 

15. Do not rest equipment against the mirrors.