7. Apartment Services

Service Desk

Residents can have access to a wide range of services which can be organised through the Kings Chelsea Service Desk including: 

  • Delivery Managing Services: Our sophisticated and very secure system allow us to send QR code email notifications for every item that arrive for residents and only the recipient or a designated person who is in possession of the code will be able to retrieve the relevant item. 
  • Home Delivery Service (arrange for your items to be delivered into your apartment, including parcels, dry cleaning etc. prior registration) 
  • Dry Cleaning requirements (including laundry, a dedicated shirt service and garment/shoe alteration and repairs) 
  • Home Maintenance requirements (external Handymen, electricians, decorators, plumbers etc.) 
  • Home Cleaning requirements (Regular/End of tenancy apartment cleans, window cleans, professional carpet cleans etc.) 
  • Specific requirements (Language Tutors, Car Valeting services, Pet Care specialists, Courier and taxi bookings etc.) 
  • Health and Fitness requirements (Personal Trainers, Swimming Instructors, Pilates and Massage specialists etc.)

The Kings Chelsea Service Desk will help you with your requirements. Payments for each service or product to be arranged directly with the product/service supplier. For further information please contact: Kings Chelsea Service Desk, Lower Ground Floor, Mathison House adjacent_to_the_leisure_centre_facility: Email:_felipe@kingschelsea.com Phone: 0207 386 1900. 



Post-boxes are provided for each apartment and are located in the vestibules on basement level in all houses except by Mathison House where post-boxes are located by the lifts on ground floor level and Clark house where a post-box room is located in the basement by the lifts. Please contact the Management office for information on how to obtain post-box key replacements on 0207 352 5752. 

All letters and parcels should be addressed as follows: 

1-25 Blore House, Coleridge Gardens, 552 Kings Road SW10 0RB 
1-36 Benham House Coleridge Gardens, 552 Kings Road SW10 0RD 
1-39 Lucas House Coleridge Gardens, 552 Kings Road SW10 0RE 
1-32 Bailey House Coleridge Gardens, 552 Kings Road SW10 0RG 
1-40 Bredin House Coleridge Gardens, 552 Kings Road SW10 0RL 
1-34 Francis House Coleridge Gardens, 552 Kings Road SW10 0RP 
1-55 Mathison House Coleridge Gardens, 552 Kings Road SW10 0RR 
1-14 Clark House Coleridge Gardens, 552 Kings Road SW10 0RS 
1-11 Coleridge Square Coleridge Gardens, 552 Kings Road SW10 0RT 

Letters will be posted by the Post Office through each apartment’s post-box. 

Electricity/Gas Meter Readings

Meter readings can be provided to residents by the Security-Concierge personnel upon request via Email: teamleaders@kingschelsea.com; meter readings can be then submitted by residents to the relevant gas/electricity supplier. 

Broadband / TV (VFM)

Vision Fibre Media are the only suppliers who can provide Kings Chelsea residents with fibre optic internet speeds. Contact them on VFM on 02071128615 / www.visionfibremedia.com 


Telephone connection enquiries can be made as follow: BT Residential 0800 800 150; BT Business 0800 800 152 


Water is supplied to all apartments by the Management Company and is paid via the service charges. 

Comfort Cooling

Comfort cooling is provided to each apartment via a central system.