Moving In / Out

All you need to know about moving in and out of Kings Chelsea, including service providers to help you with your move.


K C Estate Management must be informed of all furniture removals and deliveries to the estate. 
  1. To ensure that we can accommodate the vehicle in question. 
  2. To enable us to liaise with the removal company to request information on  insurance cover, method statements, size of vehicle etc.
  3. To ensure that the removal company know the estate rules and regulations and that they must complete a schedule of works on the common part together with a member of our staff on starting and finishing the removal. 
  4. To ensure that they are aware of the need to protect the common parts, to close all doors properly on completion of work. 
  5. To enable us to cover appropriate lifts. 
  6. To help us ensure the smooth removal of all your belongings. 

Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

K C Estate Management Limited