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Maintaining Balcony Surfaces
We have become aware when carrying out various repairs on the Estate guttering that some balconies are not being maintained on a regular basis in accordance with the lease. Failure to remove weed and moss growth from the surface of balconies prevents the drainage soakaway system from operating normally, potentially allowing water to enter the building, causing water damage to the apartment. 
Residents are reminded that high powered jet washers are not to be used to clean surfaces on their balconies as this practice loosens mortar at the base of the balustrades and can cause other damage.
A high temperature jet washer should be used as an alternative. Please can residents maintain their balconies at all times.

A Message to our Pet Owners
In order to keep a pet at King's Chelsea, a pet licence must be applied for in advance.  If granted, a licence will contain all the rules and regulations for keeping a pet.  

Parking Bays 
Residents should note parking bays must not be used to store items such as:  child car seats, toys, batteries etc.
Bicycles must not be left so as to obstruct any doorway and never on any external part of the estate. Bicycles must be registered with the estate office by obtaining a security reference number which is to be displayed on the bicycle.
Any item found in or around your parking bay will be removed. You will then be notified that these items must be collected within 28 days or they will be disposed of.

Fulham Road Gate Access
For security reasons residents should not permit anyone unrecognised by them to enter the Estate via the Fulham gate. 
Residents must use their own fobs to gain access to the Estate, their individual blocks and leisure facilities. Staff are not permitted to give access if they do not recognise the person.
All visitors must access the estate using the Kings Road entrance.

Parking Spaces for Visitors
We would like to remind our Residents that the Development has very limited visitors parking facilities.There are 3 temporary visitors parking spaces outside main reception where parking is limited to 20 minutes. The spaces that are available are used for contractors that are working for the Estate and temporary visitors.

May we remind residents and guests that smoking is not permitted in the internal common parts including the car park. 

Smoke DetectorsWe would like to remind residents of the importance of testing your apartment smoke detectors, and where required replace where necessary. Should you require assistance with the testing, maintenance and/or replacement of these units then please contact the KCE Management Office for guidance or by contacting Heston & Apex on: 0207 349 7948