Communal Maintenance Works

Gym Closure - Wednesday 3rd June to Friday 5th June


To ensure the best service is maintained at all the times in the development, one of the aims of KC Estate Management Ltd is to look after of all M&E (Machinery and Equipment). This objective is reached by maximizing costs and resources through the maintenance with the frequency that experts recommend. 

Additionally, the Capex plan is used to project and make provision for any major expenses that could happen as result of replacing machinery and equipment when the units reach to the end or their cycle of life. 

Replacement of Gym Air Conditioning 
Please be advised that the current air conditioning system is due to be replaced with a more efficient system that will provide better cooling in the gym. In order to facilitate these works, the gym will be closed for 3 days commencing Wednesday 5th June, Thursday 6th June and Friday 7th June 2019. 

We apologize for any inconvenience whilst these essential works are being carried out.