December 2023 (update)Installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Dear Residents,
Resident Engagement: Electric Vehicle Charging Points Project
As part of our ongoing commitment to keeping you informed about developments at Kings Chelsea, we wish to share important news about a proposed project.
In response to the changing power landscape and the increasing prevalence of electric vehicles (EVs) on our roads and within our community, we have observed a need for adaptation at Kings Chelsea.
Recent incidents, including high-profile vehicle fires in car parks like those in Manchester and the most recent one at Luton Airport, have underscored the importance of addressing safety concerns related to vehicles, both traditional and electric. With the introduction of electric vehicles and Electric Vehicle Charging Points (EVCPs), there is an acknowledged increase in risk to our building. To ensure a suitable risk profile is established and maintained, additional controls are deemed necessary.
Therefore, a review is underway to introduce Electric Vehicle Charging Points (EVCPs) to the underground car park at Kings Chelsea. This comprehensive appraisal will consider any potential risks associated with the storage, parking, and charging of Electric Vehicles (EVs) using multiple charging points. (320 charging points)
To further enrich this process, a risk review has been commissioned by Kings Chelsea. We value your input and would like to consult with our residents, to understand any concerns or questions you may have regarding this project.
We commit to keeping you updated on the progress of the risk review and consulting with you again once it has been concluded. Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we aim to address any potential concerns in a thoughtful and inclusive manner.
Please feel free to share any questions or concerns you might have at Your input is crucial, and we appreciate your active participation in shaping the future developments at Kings Chelsea. Thank you for your attention, and we look forward to hearing from you.
K.C. Estate Management Ltd

September 2023 (update)Installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

The current project of installing EV Chargepoints and Infrastructure at Kings Chelsea is underway. Due to the scale of the project, there are a number of stages to be completed prior to the installation on site commencing. 
This includes understanding how the current projects across the site impact the works of this new project, developing and finalising a plan of works, satisfying the insurers (with regards to fire safety, technology etc.) and working with UK Power Networks on the release of available power to site. 
We appreciate that this is taking some time to run through, but we must carry out our due diligence to ensure that everything is in place for the installation to proceed. With the mix of existing projects on site, and Christmas soon approaching, we have a current indicative start month of February 2024 for the works to begin in the car park. 
This will allow us to carry out an efficient and smooth installation on the site, to minimise undesired disruption to residents. 

June 2023 (update)Installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

We are pleased to advise that Kings Chelsea has awarded the installation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure throughout our underground car park to Pod Point; this will allow residents to connect to their charging facility.
As most of you will be aware, Kings Chelsea has been undertaking a tender to choose a supplier for installing Electric Vehicle ChargePoint Infrastructure in the car park and installing ChargePoint into this infrastructure. 
Pod Point has been chosen for the project following consultations and a detailed selection process. Pod Point was one of the first ChargePoint providers established in the UK and is now one of the largest. 
They are very familiar with these properties and have the tools and solutions to ensure the residents at Kings Chelsea have the infrastructure that meets the on-site needs. 
The infrastructure installation will be in the form of an Array Circuit solution. This involves a centralised busbar circuit that runs throughout the car park. 
This is fed from a Load Balancing system that enables the Property to maximise the use of available power whilst providing an optimised charging experience for drivers. This reduces cost and installation complexity.
Installing such infrastructure will future-proof our building as EV adoption continues to boom. As well as meeting the needs of current residents, the ability to charge at your property will help retain and potentially increase the property value. 
Alongside this, the infrastructure will simplify and reduce the overall cost to residents for installing an EV ChargePoint into their bay. 
There will be a subsequent email over the next month or so that details how you can apply for a ChargePoint to be installed into your bay. This will allow you to have your ChargePoint installed and live once the infrastructure installation is complete. 
For those residents who use a 3-pin plug for charging, Pod Point will be able to quote on a bespoke basis when requested by leaseholders. It is important to mention that in order to monitor usage through a 3-pin plug, a separate mid-meter will need to be installed.  

previous updates

March 2023 update Contracts are being finalised for the work to proceed in fitting charging infrastructure throughout our underground car park; this will allow residents to connect to their own charging facility. Pod Point have been awarded the contract, and once dates have been agreed then we shall inform all residents through the electric car charging app.
January 2023 update 
The statutory section 20 consultation for car charging in the car park has now been completed with all leaseholders/freeholders; the tendering exercise for the project has also been completed. The Estate has also secured the additional electricity loading that is required to provide charging facilities to all 320 parking bays. Due to the complexities of the project K.C. Estate Management is now considering all proposals and options for moving the project forward and when a decision has been made, then all leaseholders and freeholders will be informed.

Car park electric charging (background)

The proposed works to be carried out will be the installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure to all 320 parking bays within the underground car park. This infrastructure will consist of a centralised Load Management System, along with what can be described as ring-main cabling to all bays in the car park. This allows for a simplified and consistent installation of individual Electric Vehicle Charging Points into the parking bays, as and when required by individual residents. 
The works also consist of a new Wi-Fi network to be installed within the car park. This is required for the Pay As You Go functionality that the EV Charging Units will utilise, so that costs for energy consumed through the units is paid for by the resident that is connected to the system. 
April 2022 update The additional kVA required for all the proposed charging infrastructure to be installed at Kings Chelsea is c828 kVA. 
UK Power Networks visited Kings Chelsea on 17 March to undertake an inspection of the current electrical infrastructure and we are currently waiting for UKPN to confirm that there is sufficient capacity in the High Voltage network for this project. It was confirmed by UKPN that Kings Chelsea should not need a new substation.
January 2022 update Due to the complexities of the project, Kings Chelsea instructed Building Design Consultants who undertook an electrical energy review and feasibility report on the proposed charger installation project. They were required to inspect the car park to ensure there was sufficient space for the new cabling and to look at the condition of the existing switchboards that are planned to be used. 
Kings Chelsea provided a letter of authority to speak to UK Power Networks (UKPN) on its behalf, with a view to making an application for the power upgrades that are necessary for this project. Our Building Design Consultants have reviewed the proposals in more detail, and when budget costs has been provided by UKPN we will know the scope of works needed to provide a tender package for the scheme for Section 20 purposes. Following UKPN site visit and confirmation of how the additional power will be provided, our consultants will then be able to specify a tender package.