The Health Club


THE FOLLOWING TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLY TO THE USE OF THIS FACILITY General The Health Club facility is open from 06.30-22.30 hours each day. 
  1. The Health club facility is unsupervised and use is entirely at the user’s risk. 
  2. Owners who rent their properties are not permitted to use the facilities unless they reside within Kings Chelsea. 
  3. K.C. Estate Management or their agents accept NO responsibility for any loss, damage or injury howsoever caused. 
  4. K.C. Estate Management cannot accept responsibility for personal belongings 
  5. Children under the age of sixteen are not permitted in the pool area unless accompanied by an adult. 
  6. No more than two guests per household/apartment are permitted into the Centre. Residents are required to ensure that their guests sign the Visitors Book at the gymnasium reception desk. Unsupervised guests will be asked to leave the facility.  
  7. No smoking is permitted in any part of the Centre.
  8. No alcohol is to be consumed in the Centre. Please do not use the Centre after consuming alcohol. 
  9. No food or drink (in glass) may be taken into the gymnasium, pool room, sauna, or stream room areas other than water. 
 Swimming Pool, Sauna & Steam Room
  1. Outdoor shoes (except where protective overshoes are worn), pushchairs or prams are not permitted in the pool area. 
  2. Suitable swimwear must be worn at all times. 
  3. Diving, jumping or running around the pool is strictly prohibited. 
  4. Weak or non-swimmers should not use the facility alone. 
  5. The life-saving equipment should not be used except in cases of emergency. 
  6. For safety reasons, no drinking glasses or any form of glassware is permitted in the pool or sauna/steam room. 
  7. The use of balls, lilos, inflatable toys or dinghies is not permitted in the pool. 
  8. The use of shampoo, soaps, or similar products are forbidden in the pool. 
  9. Chlorine is used to sanitise the water, some users may experience discomfort and may find the use of goggles helpful. Over time chlorine will bleach and possible rot the fabric of swimming costumes that contain latex. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. K.C. Estate Management accepts no responsibility for damage to costumes. 
  10. Babies and children under the age of 5 must be attired in suitable garments (we recommend Huggies Swim Nappies) to ensure the pool remains hygienic. 
  11. Residents who are elderly, pregnant or taking medication should avoid prolonged use of the sauna or stream room.  Please seek medical advice if you are in any doubt. 
  12. Children under the age of sixteen are not permitted to use the sauna or steam room. 
  13. For reasons of hygiene you are expected to shower before using each facility, i.e. steam room users are expected to shower before using the pool. Sauna and steam room users please note we do not provide a plunge pool and the swimming pool may not     be used for this purpose. 
  1. Children under the age of sixteen are not permitted into the gymnasium, under any circumstances. 
  2. Please seek medical advice before using the gymnasium; do not use equipment you are not familiar with. 
  3. Appropriate clothing and footwear must be worn at all times. Bare torsos, feet or wet clothing are not permitted in the gymnasium at any time. Joggers are requested to ensure their footwear is clean before entering this facility. 
  4. Under no circumstances should equipment be moved. 
  5. Please wipe down all equipment after use and replace in its original position. 
  6. Personal trainers will be required to sign in the Visitors Book each time and acknowledge that they enter the facility on “guest status”. The activities of personal trainers cannot inhibit in any way the access or use of equipment of other bona fide users of this facility. Personal trainers are not permitted to leave personal belongings on the gym floor or any other part of the leisure facility.  
  7. Equipment is inspected at regular intervals however, please report any malfunction or damage to a member of staff. 
  8. No Personal belonging to be placed on the gymnasium floor at any time. 
  9. No boxing or contact sport is permitted. 
 Changing  and Washroom Facilities 
  1. Lockers have been provided to accommodate personal belongings. 
  2. Personal belongings as well as clothes should be removed from lockers on leaving the Leisure Centre and not used as permanent lockers. For reasons of security and fairness to all, lockers will be checked periodically, and any items found will be removed. 
  3. Shaving is only permitted in the washrooms. 


Becoming more physically active is very safe and effective for most people. However, some people should check with their Doctor for their own safety before they start. You should check with your Doctor if you suffered or are suffering from the following; 
  1. You have a heart or cardiovascular problem 
  2. You feel pain in the chest when you do physical activity 
  3. You have had chest pain 
  4. In the past month you have had chest pain and were not carrying out physical activity 
  5. You have bone, joint or mobility problems that may be affected by exercise 
  6. There is a history of heart disease in your family 
  7. You are taking medically prescribed medication 
  8. You are diabetic, epileptic or asthmatic  
  9. You have recently had a blood pressure check 


Use of the Leisure Suite All residents and their accompanied guests using the Swimming Pool, Sauna, Steam Room, Gymnasium and its equipment do so at their own risk, Rendall & Rittner, K C Estate Management Limited, nor its Directors can be held responsible or liable for any loss / damage or injury as a result.  All guests must be signed in the visitors book before entering the Leisure Suite.