Tenant Registration Forms

Upon joining the Kings Chelsea Estate as a new Tenant, we request that you complete a Kings Chelsea Tenant Registration Form.

This form can received from Concierge, or simply by requesting one from reception@kingschelsea.com.

Sub-Letting of Apartments

If lessees wish to sub-let their apartment their must ensure that their subtenant is made aware of the lessees covenants under the lease and the sub-tenant must at all times comply with those covenants and the regulations governing the occupation of the apartment and use of the common areas and car park. The lease provides that the apartment it is a "self-contained high class private residential apartment in the occupation of one private household". If the lessee is not resident in the United Kingdom he must appoint a UK based representative to manage the apartment and the representative's details should be notified to the Estate Manager. The standard lease requires lessees to serve notice on the superior landlord or the Management Company within one month of the date from which the flat is sub-let. Fees will apply to sub-let. 

Sub-letting of Car Spaces

Car spaces may be let on a similar basis to apartments. Lessees should, however, be aware that under the planning restrictions that apply to the Estate, car spaces may only be occupied by residents of the estate and therefore car spaces may only be sub-let to Kings Chelsea residents (including sub-tenants). As soon as the sub-tenant ceases to be a resident of Kings Chelsea the sub-letting of the space to that person must cease. The Management Office must be informed if any lessee wishes to sub-let their parking space.