Recycling Bins & Charity

New clothes textile bank installed at King's Chelsea

A new clothes textile bank has been installed in the yard area just past the car park entrance.

King's Chelsea residents could help to increase clothes reuse rates in the borough by donating their clothes and shoes to the Charity TRAID.

In May 2019, K.C. Estate Management Limited and the clothes reuse charity TRAID partnered to offer every resident the opportunity to pass on the clothes they no longer need or wear. 

Jose Baladron, TRAID’s National Recycling Manager said, “Huge thanks to Kings Chelsea residents for their will to donate clothes, shoes and textiles. Putting the clothes and shoes into the textile bank is an easy and convenient way to reuse unworn and unwanted clothes, shoes and textiles, helping to prompt a host of environmental benefits including reducing our waste, water and carbon footprints.”

TRAID is a UK charity working to stop wearable clothes from being thrown away. The money raised by reusing and reselling clothes in its charity shops is committed to projects benefitting the people and places making our clothes – from supporting cotton farmers to grow organic to stopping child and bonded labour in our supply chains.

Using recycling facilities such as TRAID textile banks, stop clothing and textile end up in landfill and give them a chance of being reused. By reusing one tonne of textile, you will be saving 9.5 tonnes of greenhouse emissions. 

Please put all Textiles, Clothes and Footwear for Reuse & Recycling there.
Yes please:  
All unwanted clothes, paired footwear, linen and accessories.

No thanks:  Used pillows, duvets, fabric remnants or cut up clothing beyond repair