6. The Estate Management Operation

The Main Reception

The Main Reception is located in the entrance to Mathison House at upper ground floor and is manned on a 24 hour basis by Reception staff. 

The staff at the Main Reception Desk should be the first point of contact for any assistance and queries you may have for Estate or general matters. 

The Security Office

The Security Office is located in the right hand gatehouse on entering Kings Chelsea and will be manned on a 24 hour basis. 

The Team Leaders Gatehouse

The Team Leaders gatehouse is situated on the left hand gatehouse and will be manned 24 hours. It is here where visitors will be stopped and checked by security members before being directed accordingly.

The Estate Management Offices

The Estate Management Offices are located in the lower ground floor of Mathison House and accessed via steps to the right hand side of Mathison house entrance. The General Manager, Office Manager and Facilities and Training Manager operate from this office between the hours of 8.00am-5.30pm (Mon-Fri), however when the need arises these members of staff maybe elsewhere on the estate handling management issues.

The Service Desk

The Service Desk is located by the entrance to the leisure centre and will be manned between the hours of 8.00am-5.30pm (Mon), 7.00am-19.30.00pm (Tue-Fri), and between 7am and 15pm on Saturday (Closed on Sunday). Please refer to Services provided by The Service Desk (included in Apartment Services) for a list of services available from this facility.

Emergency Services

  • Emergency - 999
  • Non-Emergency - 101
  • Emergencies - 999 
  • Non-Emergency – 101
Fire Brigade 
  • (Emergency only) - 999