5. During your stay

8.1 Reporting Maintenance

Any maintenance issue should be reported to your Resident Services Manager in writing as soon as it is noticed.  It is likely that, dependent on the nature of the issue, they will want to inspect prior to instructing a contractor so please do make sure that access is available. Please do not leave reporting matters until the afternoon as if you do, it may not be possible to undertake a timely repair.

Building Access System - Residents


Entry by residents to the building on foot is by using the access device provided (fob). This should be presented to the reader (as shown in the pictures below) at the entrance panel in order to release the doors.  

Building Access System - Visitors


Visitors can gain entry to the estate via Kings Road entrance only, where Gate House personnel will direct them to the Reception. Fulham entrance is solely for the use of residents and no access shall be granted to vehicles. Reception will contact the apartment to announce the visitor’s arrival and to ensure they are expected. Visitors will be required to call the apartment on the video entry phone panel (ground floor panel in the picture below) at the entrance to the block they are visiting for access to that block. When the resident answers the video entry phone, he/she can decide whether to give access to the visitor. 

ENTRY PANEL: Pressing the white key on basement panel or P on ground floor panel will let visitors communicate with Reception prior getting access to the building. 

Building Access - Visitor Access

Visitor Access

Unsolicited Visitors, Tradesmen and Contractors can call at the Reception. Residents are requested to inform the Reception when they are expecting a visitor or tradesman so they can be granted access. 

When residents are absent from their properties they may leave the keys of their apartment with reception and sign/complete the corresponding documentation if they wish to grant access to visitors.

Building Access System - Lifts


There are 17 lifts on the estate, which are serviced monthly. In the event of becoming trapped in a lift, residents and visitors are requested to stay calm, and press the lift emergency button which will activate the telephone link to the reception. 

Building Access System - Car Parking

Kings Chelsea does not have visitors parking bays. There are stringent rules in place to satisfy Health & Safety regulations for underground car parks therefore we ask that you abide by the following set of rules. 

1. The car park bays must only be used to park one vehicle. 
2. Parking on the road-ways within the car park or in hoover bay is not permitted(except to clean a vehicle) 
3. Illegal parking is not permitted and can result in your vehicle being ticketed or removed. 
4. The car park must not be used to store any item including child car seats, toys, batteries or any other items. 
5. Bicycles must not be left so as to obstruct any doorway and are not permitted to be parked on the external parts of the Estate. Bicycles must be registered with the estate management office who will supply a registration sticker to be displayed on the bicycle. 

Any item found in or around your parking bay will be removed you will then be notified that these items must be collected within 28 days or they will be disposed of. There is a public car park available in Harbour Estate, this is located at the end of Lots Road. Prices range from £2.50 for 1 Hour to £16.00 for 12 Hours. They offer 3 monthly, 6 monthly and annual season tickets. Sundays (all day) £4.00 (prices correct when printed). For further information please telephone Harbour Estates on 0207 225 9100